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AWAQ PAQOCHA is a community project that recovers and revives the alpaca tradition of the Peruvian Andes, creating a sustainable economic system for indigenous women laborers and housewives with scarce economic resources while creating a network of natural conservation and maintaining traditional handcrafted work.



The philosophy of the Awaq Paqocha community groups is based on three elements: Being, mission and beliefs.


We are committed to contribute to sustainable development together with every single person who is part of one of the different Andean communities. We allow improving their quality of live and maintaining the alpaca tradition at the same time. We develop job opportunities, connecting alpaqueros and artisans with the international market and promote fairer business relationships.


We are a textile company that develops the entire alpaca productive chain, we take advantage of the superior quality fiber of the alpacas, through the spinning and weaving of handmade textile products.

We offer high quality products with innovative and timeless designs, we apply product traceability, working together with the Quechua artisans, offering a source of employment and thus improving the quality of life of the communities by exposing our cultural tradition and promoting endogenous, human and sustainable development.


To be a leading community group in the textile industry, maintaining the alpaca tradition. Especially we want to get recognized in the sustainable use of the alpaca wool and the development of luxurious, handmade and high- quality wool, clothing and accessories at the peruvian and international market.


Ayni.- we are aware that mutual aid is the pilar of our organization, teamwork helps us to achieve better community development, sustainability and be an example for other commnunitities.

Sustainability.- Sustainable development and sustainability in developing our product is a principle that our ancestors had in mind and today  we seek to revive and maintain the same belief.

Sense of belonging.- We believe in each artisan who assumes role as an important piece, who works with passion and gives example, who celebrates their achievements and learn from mistakes to improve.

Excellence.- The art of spinning and textile development is a heritage from the Incas and is part of our DNA, as shown in our products.

Awaq Paqocha & the artisans Quechua

Our initiative seeks to conserve the alpaca tradition by seeking constant improvements in alpaca care, genetic improvement, shearing techniques and development of new hand-made fantasy yarns and with the art of our artisans to develop sustainable luxury garments with international demand, yes to form a productive and commercial chain that benefits all those involved.

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